Friday, April 30, 2010


We are leaving for NC tomorrow! Can't wait! We got a text from Ty's sister today who said our niece Ava is especially excited for us to arrive. Apparently she said:
"Ty and uncle Jayne are coming to my house!"
LOL. I'm such a good uncle.
Packing for an entire Summer is HARD! I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but I feel like the Pioneers crossing the plains. I have to pack all of my clothes and belongings into TWO suitcases! This is difficult seeing as how I have 18 pairs of shoes I want to take, and I can't seem to widdle it down.
An entire bag might have to be dedicated to this 'sole' purpose.
Hah sorry, I had to.
Is it weird that I feel bad for the clothes I have to leave behind? Like I am hurting their feelings. I also have this anxiety that I will get there and desperately want a shirt or skirt and realize it is at home. Terrifying, huh?
Good thing NYC has such great shopping!

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  1. BAHAHAHAHAHA i feel the same when I leave clothes. I'm like i hope you know i still love you! you just don't fit. haha two peas in a pod we are