Friday, April 9, 2010

THE project

Ty has been working like a crazy man for the past few weeks on this monster project. The project was for a competition in the business school, so he wasn't receiving a grade for it. He got together with 3 other friends and has worked on it about 4 nights a week from 10pm to 2am!!! They worked really hard. The incentive? The third place group got $250, second place got $500, and first place got $1000! Ty made it to the top 5 groups, so last night I went to watch him present the project for the last time. His group did such a great job! They definitely did the best out of all 5 teams. (not that I'm biased or anything). BUT unfortunately the judges didn't agree. The group didn't get in the top three, but they had an excellent project and I'm proud of Ty for even getting up there to present since he's been sick! He barely had a voice! Good job Ty!!!Look at my little business man go.


  1. Sara Jayne,

    I believe this is the back of my head. And it's ridiculous. You think I would shower and brush my hair once in awhile. Rough. Love the blog!

  2. so great! Way to go. I think he should have won too.