Saturday, April 3, 2010


I just met Ty's best friends! Caught me off guard...they are the two workers at the Wendy's drive through in Provo. I wasn't aware of how often Ty eats at Wendy's until we pulled up at the window and he started talking to the woman who took our credit card like they were long lost pals. We then proceeded to the next window and he again surprised me by his conversation with the man who gave us our spicy chicken clubs. They were quite excited to see each other, so they took a minute to catch up. When we drove off Ty said, "Man, I love those guys." Blew me away. I guess I should start cooking more. Before I know it he'll be hanging out with the guys from Carl's Jr.


  1. Oh Sara Jayne! I'm so glad that your a blogger now. I LOVE the updates! Way to go on your internship.. what an awesome opportunity!

    Funny story.. the other day i saw you on fb and I said to Chris, "sara jayne is sooo pretty" and he was like.. "do you have a crush on her, you always say that".. haha! oops! Apparently, I'm a stalker. I guess I just miss ya too much.

    Love ya SJ!

  2. Maybe Grandma's got some leftovers you can feed him? :)