Friday, November 30, 2012


On November 25, 2012 Sweet Caroline was blessed by her daddy in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Gramy Jodi made her pretty dress.
Great-Grandma Doris Maybelle made her litte bonnet.
Caroline got to meet some of her cousins for the first time.
11 out of 23 (!) nieces and nephews from the Baldwin side were there.
Caroline's cousin Kat is only 4 months older.
They had fun staring at each other all weekend and I think they will be best friends someday : )

Month Two

Since Caroine is almost three months old I figure I'd better write about her hitting the two month mark.
The biggest milestone she reached during the second month was that she began to smile for reals.
I don't know why but it feels like we've won an olympic gold medal every time we get her to look us in the eye and give us a big grin.
On that note, it's funny how much your interests change when you become parents.
We used to find enjoyment in eating at new fun restaurants and seeing old friends.
Starting when we brought her home from the hospital we have found pure delight in this girl's dirty diapers.
Sick, right?
The first few days she was home we would literally cheer when she had gone #2.
That has faded, but only slightly.
I still tell her 'good job' every time she goes.
Just think of our pride when she graduates from college...
She is still pretty needy and wants to be held for the majority of the day.
It's ok though because I'd rather be inside snuggling with my babe than doing pretty much anything else I can think of!
When we went to her two month check up she was a whopping 12 pounds 1 ounce. That puts her in the 85% for weight.
She is a healthy, happy, beast of a baby and she is awesome.
I hope her eyes stay blue like her dad's!

Monday, November 5, 2012


I have kind of been in hibernation for the past 6 weeks.
When Caroline was born it still felt like summer and now that I'm starting to get out of the cave more I realize I pretty much missed fall and now winter is well on its' way.
Today I had to whip out the trusty old puffer is THAT cold outside!
Since baby picks and chooses which days she will sleep in her stroller, this is how I end up doing my grocery shopping.
I basically feel like I'm pregnant all over again, carrying her around on my torso like this.
I decided I'm having my groceries delivered from now on bc my arms were about to fall off when I got home from this particlar excursion. 

Caroline went to church for the first time yesterday.
When she woke up and wasn't in her familiar environment she was looking around like crazy, overwhelmed with all the people.
It was funny/cute.

I love her little baby feet, especially when they have little baby mary-jane socks on them.
Babies nom nom nom