Saturday, October 22, 2011

kickin it old school

Wanna know what's ironic?
That I lived less than an hour away from home all through college and only saw some of my dear high school friends a handful of times but now that I am all the way across the country I have seen two of them in the last week!
Worst friend ever.
My friend Brooke's hubby had business in town so she came along and we got to hang.
I hadn't seen her since she got engaged/married so we were due for a catchup sesh.
Of course we didn't take any pictures, so I thought I'd post some awkwards from way back when.

Go ahead and laugh.

Brooke and I became friends when we were on the cross country team together our freshman year.
As you can sense this was during my awkward stage.

Newport beach with Michelle and Aubree (who's about to be a mama!!!)
Why we are all wearing the exact same thing I don't know.

Then a few days ago I met up with my friend Kylee who will be here for a few months doing an internship.
Again, no recent bad.

She's the cowgirl on the left.

Just watching a soccer game or something....we were so cool.

Seeing them made me miss them.
Sometimes I think it'd be awesome to go back to high school for a day and just see what we were like...thinking about it makes me laugh a little.

Friday, October 14, 2011

What I saw on my way to work today

Mickey Mouse, a band, the Chrysler building, Times Square.
Usually I see Elmo and Woody from Toy Story but it was rainy today so I guess they stayed indoors.
Needless to say, my daily commute is pretty entertaining. I saw a cute dog and asked the owner what "species" it is.

Friday, October 7, 2011

we're going to disneyland!

My cousin Paige (who happens to be the most amazing/creative person ever) posted this video on her blog today and it literally brought me to tears so I had to share.

Full on tears.
I watched it three times and cried more each time.
It's this week's viral video.
It was posted on Huffington Post, Perez Hilton, and others.
Hope it brought you as much joy as it did me!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

A couple things...

First off, I'd like to announce that I have a new most embarrassing moment.
I don't know why I keep having awkward things happen to me while wearing skirts.
Perhaps it's a sign I should stick to pants.
Last night I was in the subway station on my way home from work and passed by this man as I was going down the stairs and he was going up.
Somehow, my lace skirt got snarled up into a zipper on the bag he was carrying as I brushed by him resulting in my skirt being lifted up to about the crotch area.
The worst part is that it was caught pretty badly so it took approx 6.3 seconds to untangle it.
Now, 6.3 seconds may not seem to be a very long time, but it felt like an eternity while standing there with my skirt all up and 300 people passing me. Staring.
It was super awk.
I guess this accurately defines some pros and cons of living in a big city...
Con: Many people are around to witness your most embarrassing moment.
Pro: You will most likely never see any of them again.
Con: After a humiliating event, it is normal to look for a familiar face, someone to help laugh it off. The odds of finding someone you know at that moment in NYC are slimmer than somewhere not as highly populated.
Pro: There are plenty of other weird things going on in this city so most people won't think your awkwardness is that weird at all.

Another thing...
Have you noticed that with every passing month people always say, "I can't believe it's already Jan/Feb/March/April etc!" or "Oh my gosh I feel like this month just started and it's already over!"
I've noticed this and have wondered if there will ever be a time when a new month starts and everyone says, "Yeah. It feels like it should be this month now."
Well, today is October 1st and I can say for myself at least that I am fully ready for this month to start.
It doesn't feel like it should still be summer and September did not fly by.
Now it's time start thinking about what I will be for Halloween this year...