Saturday, October 22, 2011

kickin it old school

Wanna know what's ironic?
That I lived less than an hour away from home all through college and only saw some of my dear high school friends a handful of times but now that I am all the way across the country I have seen two of them in the last week!
Worst friend ever.
My friend Brooke's hubby had business in town so she came along and we got to hang.
I hadn't seen her since she got engaged/married so we were due for a catchup sesh.
Of course we didn't take any pictures, so I thought I'd post some awkwards from way back when.

Go ahead and laugh.

Brooke and I became friends when we were on the cross country team together our freshman year.
As you can sense this was during my awkward stage.

Newport beach with Michelle and Aubree (who's about to be a mama!!!)
Why we are all wearing the exact same thing I don't know.

Then a few days ago I met up with my friend Kylee who will be here for a few months doing an internship.
Again, no recent bad.

She's the cowgirl on the left.

Just watching a soccer game or something....we were so cool.

Seeing them made me miss them.
Sometimes I think it'd be awesome to go back to high school for a day and just see what we were like...thinking about it makes me laugh a little.

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  1. baha. you in high school was pretty hilarious. have fun with the padres this weekend- im jealous:)