Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Is it already Wednesday?
I don't care, I'd still like to document the past weekend we spent with our friends Michelle and Matt.

They were visiting from D.C.
No, Michelle and Matt are not married or dating.
In fact they did even know each other before this weekend.
This made it slightly awkward that they both had to sleep in our studio apt about three feet away from each other : )

Michelle and I hit up Top the Rock on Friday night. The view was spectacular.

It was a very romantic experience.
Next was Times Square.
We couldn't believe how crowded it was at midnight!
You would've thought it was the middle of the afternoon.

Saturday we played around in the city waiting for Ty to get off work

Then we went to Brooklyn to eat pizza at the famous Grimaldi's and walk the Brooklyn Bridge.


Monday, July 25, 2011

RHONY and other recent addictions

My recent addictions include:

(Real Housewives of New York)
It is so ridiculous and stupid.
But It's like a train wreck, I just can't look away.
I may or may not have watched 3 hours of it on my day off.

2. My FitnessPal iPhone App
My metabolism has realized I am no longer swimming 4 hours a day, but my appetite unfortunately has not.
I can still eat like 7000 calories in one sitting.
It's not a "diet," but this app helps me keep track what I eat so I don't spin out of control into obesity.

3. Braids
Have you heard about the ridiculous heat on the east coast?
It's like a sauna up in here.
Friday was on 101 degrees and the heat index was 110 with the humidity.
Sure they're a bit pioneer-looking, but long sweaty hair sticking to my neck is neither cute nor comfortable.
Thus, the braid:

4. Friends who visit
We had our first official "house" guests this wknd and it was a blast.
Love you Mich!!!

Things I'm
not addicted to:

1. The Bachelorette
I'm sorry, but Ashley is just awkward and so is this entire season.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Project #2

So I saw these curtains on pinterest and fell in love.

They are originally from this blog.
Here is the tutorial.
I just think they look so clean and fun at the same time.
So with the help of my mother-in-law, who unlike me is a complete perfectionist, we made them for our new apartment.
The great thing about making them sewing!!!!!
The bad thing is that it was super tricky to get everything measured and lined up perfectly.
With such a big bold pattern we didn't want to have anything crooked or misaligned.
We used stitch witchery to fuse the black fabric to the already made white curtains.
Isn't that fun to say?
Stitch witchery.
Stitch witchery.
Anyway we got one pair of white curtains and one pair of black curtains from target.
We cut the black stripes out of the black curtains and then ironed them onto the white ones.
To make the edges look clean, we added black grosgrain ribbon.
And here is the final product:

Whaduya think???

The unfortunate thing is that we spent so much time measuring and making sure they were the perfect fit and then when we got to our apartment learned that our ceilings were almost a foot shorter than we thought.
So they puddle about 8 inches on the floor.
Good thing the sofa covers it up.
I'm all about cleverly disguising mistakes : )
Oh and as a side note it appears as though the peeping tom has closed his curtains for the time being, just so you know.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Peeping Tom....

This is what I see when I look out my window:

Nothing amazing, just a building.
But the other day I was gazing out, looking at the scenery and minding my own business, and saw a CREEPER with BINOCULARS looking into our apartment!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes! I have been a victim of a peeping tom!!!
See that stalker looking window, second one down on the right, with the perfect crack in the drapery?

Yeah that's where I caught him.
Ok I don't know if it was a him but whatever.
So I waved at him/her with a "What the heck?!" look on my face and then they quickly dropped the binoculars and hid behind the drapes.
I'm not quite sure what you do about this....should I call the police?
They probably have bigger problems to deal with.
But what if I had been naked or something?
Seriously creepy.
Someone is probably saying the same thing about me taking a picture from my apartment window : )

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Project #1

When I was in North Carolina I, along with mucho helpo, decided to take on some pretty hefty DIY projects so that I could a) make our NY apt just how we wanted it and b) save money : )
The first of these project was to make a custom upholstered headboard.
Let me preface by saying that I am seriously like the least crafty person out there.
I made a pillow case once in 7th grade for a mandatory home ec class and that pretty much covers my craft experience.
SO I'm not sure what possessed me to think I could accomplish these sorts of things, but like I said I had an army of helpers that made it easy as pie ; )
I got the tutorial for this project here.

My brother-in-law designs furniture for a living so he cut the 4X8 piece of plywood into the shape I wanted with a big saw connected to his computer.
Then I took the plywood to a fabric store and they cut a large piece of foam to fit the shape of the headboard.
I then glued the foam onto the wood with a spray adhesive.
Then I laid the wood face down and stapled batting across the whole thing to smooth the edges like so:

Next I laid the wood face down onto the fabric I chose and began stapling that as well.

This was the tricky part...making the design of the fabric straight.
Proof I helped:

Here's the rundown:
Wood: 20 bucks
Foam: 40 bucks (I hear you can get cheaper online)
Batting: 7 bucks
Fabric: 82 bucks (obvi you could get cheaper fabric)
Total: about 150

May seem like a lot for a DIY project but I haven't seen this type of headboard anywhere for under 500 bucks.

And HERE's what it looks like in our tiny new room!!!!!

The headboard was MUCH easier than I thought it would be.
DO it.

Friday, July 1, 2011

We're there.

Got to NYC late last night after a very long day of ikea trips and Manhattan traffic. We ended up renting a uhaul trailer thing because I accumulated a ton of stuff in North Carolina thanks to my family-in-law : )
It was a nightmare driving around the city with that huge thing!
We got in 3 minor accidents no joke.
We were supposed to move in from 3-5 but didn't even arrive to our building until 8.
Then we stayed up until 2am putting together some ikea furniture.
Even the sofa required assembly!
Have you ever put together something from ikea?
It's ridiculous.
There are no words in the instruction manuals jut little cartoon characters.
No wonder our bed was like 3 dollars.

Tys dad was like one of Santa's Little Helpers with all his tools.

It's basically a mess but we like it : )

Coming soon:
Pics of everything.
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