Monday, July 25, 2011

RHONY and other recent addictions

My recent addictions include:

(Real Housewives of New York)
It is so ridiculous and stupid.
But It's like a train wreck, I just can't look away.
I may or may not have watched 3 hours of it on my day off.

2. My FitnessPal iPhone App
My metabolism has realized I am no longer swimming 4 hours a day, but my appetite unfortunately has not.
I can still eat like 7000 calories in one sitting.
It's not a "diet," but this app helps me keep track what I eat so I don't spin out of control into obesity.

3. Braids
Have you heard about the ridiculous heat on the east coast?
It's like a sauna up in here.
Friday was on 101 degrees and the heat index was 110 with the humidity.
Sure they're a bit pioneer-looking, but long sweaty hair sticking to my neck is neither cute nor comfortable.
Thus, the braid:

4. Friends who visit
We had our first official "house" guests this wknd and it was a blast.
Love you Mich!!!

Things I'm
not addicted to:

1. The Bachelorette
I'm sorry, but Ashley is just awkward and so is this entire season.


  1. This is the first season of the Bachelorette I've watched so if this is a bad season, I can't wait for a good season cuz I don't think it's thaaaaat bad.

    Your hair looks so pretty braided like that!

  2. THAT BRAID. i start to sweat/swear when i try to braid my mess (hair). yours looks awesome. it was so great to see you guys settling into your city life! your apartment looks 100% amazing. xoxo

  3. LOVE YOU!!!! I got the fitnesspal on my android! hopefully i'll look like that girl in the subway within a few weeks. holla!

  4. Few Things:

    1. I heart Fitness Pal.... except when I'm eating dessert. Then I'm not really interested in knowing how many calories I'm eating.

    2. How do you braid your hair like that?????? TELL ME!

    3. Ashley doesn't have a personality.... unless you count her sniveling, POOR ME!, low self-esteem tirades as having a personality. That being said, I did watch the entire season for some reason.