Thursday, July 14, 2011

Project #2

So I saw these curtains on pinterest and fell in love.

They are originally from this blog.
Here is the tutorial.
I just think they look so clean and fun at the same time.
So with the help of my mother-in-law, who unlike me is a complete perfectionist, we made them for our new apartment.
The great thing about making them sewing!!!!!
The bad thing is that it was super tricky to get everything measured and lined up perfectly.
With such a big bold pattern we didn't want to have anything crooked or misaligned.
We used stitch witchery to fuse the black fabric to the already made white curtains.
Isn't that fun to say?
Stitch witchery.
Stitch witchery.
Anyway we got one pair of white curtains and one pair of black curtains from target.
We cut the black stripes out of the black curtains and then ironed them onto the white ones.
To make the edges look clean, we added black grosgrain ribbon.
And here is the final product:

Whaduya think???

The unfortunate thing is that we spent so much time measuring and making sure they were the perfect fit and then when we got to our apartment learned that our ceilings were almost a foot shorter than we thought.
So they puddle about 8 inches on the floor.
Good thing the sofa covers it up.
I'm all about cleverly disguising mistakes : )
Oh and as a side note it appears as though the peeping tom has closed his curtains for the time being, just so you know.


  1. they look so cute! and i like the couch and chair and all the different pillows. im excited to see everything in august! you are lucky that ty's mom is so crafty. . .can u imagine mom trying to help you make drapes...


  2. wow! love them. And look how cute your little apartment is! xoxo

  3. They look amazing! This is on my to-do DIY list! I need to do this ASAP.

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

  4. I think they look awesome! You have talent!