Thursday, March 31, 2011


One of the most embarrassing things in my life happened to me today.
I parked my car in the BYU parking lot so I could go work out in the gym.
As I began my workout, I received a phone call from a BYU number.
The man on the other line said, "Is this Sara Jayne Baldwin?"
"Uh...yes?" I Replied
"This is BYU police calling, there is a problem with your car so you need to go to the parking lot right now."
So I run down to my car to see what was going on...right now I am assuming someone had hit it or something...but no, that would have been nice.
I go down to the parking lot to see that my car had rolled out of its' parking spot and was sitting in the middle of a one-lane, one-way road blocking like, 4 school buses and 15 cars from getting through.
As I run to my car people are like honking and yelling at me and looking at me like I'm the village idiot.
One of the three police officers parked at the scene directing traffic and calming the angry mob walked up to me and tried to explain how a parking brake works.
I guess you're supposed to pull it ALL the way up.
Who knew?
Anyway today we sold our other car, the Sentra.
I thought I wouldn't care but I actually got a little sad seeing it drive off into the sunset.

I didn't think about it at first but then Ty brought up that it was the car he picked me up for our first date in.

Luckily it has gone to a nice new family!

Sure it's not the fanciest car on the block...but we have many good memories of the Sentra.

Tomorrow I have to wake up at 5am to get knee surgery.
I randomly tore my ACL/Meniscus and need to get them repaired.
My biggest fear is waking up during surgery and feeling my flesh being cut open.
I swear it happens.
I'll let you know how it goes, if I survive.
: )

Sunday, March 27, 2011

vegas birthday

Here's what Ty and I did to celebrate MY golden birthday!
We first went out on Tuesday with the fam (parents not included...they always go on a cruise over my birthday I don't know why...) to Provo's ever so fabulous Los Hermanos restaurant.
We usually don't get to go here bc Ty thinks it's nasty but I love it and
decided that's where we'd celebrate.

Here's me at Los Hermanos with the giant birthday cupcake that my sister-in-law made me!!!

Then we went to my grandparents house and ate this apple pie, made by yours truly.

The first pie I have ever made and most likely my last.

Ty surprised me with tickets to "O" in LAS VEGAS!!!!!
SO on Thursday we packed up and drove to sin city.
We stayed at the Tropicana Hotel.
I was going to take some pictures of us at the show but when we got there at 10:15, what we thought was early for the 10:30 show, the lobby was empty and there were no lines of people waiting to get in.
We started panicking and when we went to pick our tickets we learned it had actually started at 10!
Kinda sad but we only missed a few minutes so we go over it.
We love the Cirque du Soleil shows in Vegas and have to admit O is our new favorite.
We also hit up the buffet at the Wynn Hotel...TO DIE FOR.
Here are some pics:

cool plant things

Ty just chillin

The food went on FOREVER! And we're not talking Chuck-A-Rama here people!

My plate of deserts. My guess is I ate about 10,000 calories in that one meal.

Here's us in the Wynn after dinner

And me out on the strip.

Wow like 99% of this post was about food.
I don't really know what to say about that.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Identity Crisis

Have you ever had one?
Where like, everything you've ever known is now gone and you don't really know who you are?
Ok I'm being dramatic.
But for reals instead of being an "athlete," now I'm just a person.
Not that there's anything wrong with that...But since I'm not an athlete anymore, I don't have excuses for all of the lame things I do like go to bed at 8 and wear yoga pants to school every day.
I'm turning over a new leaf and I'd like to call it "being a real adult who does normal adult things."
For instance, I made the bed this morning.
And I blow-dried my hair.
These small tasks may seem like parts of every day life to, well, normal people, but for me they were things I could get away without doing because I was an "athlete" and I had to wake up early.
But, alas, here I am.
A non-athlete.
A has-been.
Along with starting to do things that I should have been doing since I was 16, I am trying to work on my person hygiene.
Not to gross anyone out, but it's hard for me to remember to shower now that I don't have to get in the pool.
If I'm not already wet from swimming...why should I have to get in a shower and intentionally get myself wet?
Like I said earlier I did my hair today for the first time since like Christmas.

Exhibit A
(trying to cleverly hide the nastiness with a headband)

Exhibit B
(again with the headband...I really wasn't fooling anybody)

Exhibit C
(I'm the one on the right with the beehive do)

I'm actually thinking about dying it.

Heard of the ombre look?
Some people hate it because it looks like you are lazy and let your roots grow out, but I love it and I think I'm gonna go for it.
Thanks for tuning in.
P.S. tomorrow's my birthday but you already knew that so you can just go ahead and mail me that really expensive present you bought me forever ago. Thx!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Usually referred to simply as 'words'.
Please tell me you've heard of it.
It's like, scrabble for techy people who have iPhones.
Ty and I have been playing non-stop for weeks now.
I'm not usually a gamer.
I never play games because, generally speaking, I'm bad at every game and I'm too competitive to lose every time.
But on 'words' you can choose who you play so I just choose people who are bad too.
Tyler, on the other hand, comes from a family of gamers.
The Baldwins can stay up all night playing cards and stuff.
The first time I played games with his family I was like, what's going on?
The last game I had played was probably Candyland when I was 6 and I'm sure I didn't even follow the rules.
I feel like an idiot when I play real scrabble with the Baldwins because the only words I can come up with are ones like "no" and "hi."
I come from a family who watches movies and goes to bed by 10 on weekends.
So trust me, if I like 'words' you will too.
My username is sjbaldwin.
Add me so we can be words friends k?