Thursday, March 31, 2011


One of the most embarrassing things in my life happened to me today.
I parked my car in the BYU parking lot so I could go work out in the gym.
As I began my workout, I received a phone call from a BYU number.
The man on the other line said, "Is this Sara Jayne Baldwin?"
"Uh...yes?" I Replied
"This is BYU police calling, there is a problem with your car so you need to go to the parking lot right now."
So I run down to my car to see what was going on...right now I am assuming someone had hit it or something...but no, that would have been nice.
I go down to the parking lot to see that my car had rolled out of its' parking spot and was sitting in the middle of a one-lane, one-way road blocking like, 4 school buses and 15 cars from getting through.
As I run to my car people are like honking and yelling at me and looking at me like I'm the village idiot.
One of the three police officers parked at the scene directing traffic and calming the angry mob walked up to me and tried to explain how a parking brake works.
I guess you're supposed to pull it ALL the way up.
Who knew?
Anyway today we sold our other car, the Sentra.
I thought I wouldn't care but I actually got a little sad seeing it drive off into the sunset.

I didn't think about it at first but then Ty brought up that it was the car he picked me up for our first date in.

Luckily it has gone to a nice new family!

Sure it's not the fanciest car on the block...but we have many good memories of the Sentra.

Tomorrow I have to wake up at 5am to get knee surgery.
I randomly tore my ACL/Meniscus and need to get them repaired.
My biggest fear is waking up during surgery and feeling my flesh being cut open.
I swear it happens.
I'll let you know how it goes, if I survive.
: )

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  1. That is really funny that happened to you, I once locked my keys inside of my car in a carwash, that was as close to embarrassing as I could think of. I am glad your surgery went well, you looked great!