Monday, April 4, 2011

I kneeded surgery...

*Notice: If this post doesn't make sense and has a lot of grammar problems I apologize...I am still on meds*

So I found out last Monday that I had torn the ACL and meniscus in my right knee.
I wasn't that surprised when the doctor told me the news because I know exactly when it happened.
It was on Christmas Day.
Yes, Christmas.
The ONE time I decide to try and play basketball.
Thought I would try and join in on the family fun and look where it gets me.

Anyway, because we have a lot coming up in the near future I decided to go ahead and have the surgery on Friday to get it over with.
Of course the nurse calls and tells me I must arrive at the hospital at 5:45am.
I could barely sleep the night before, b
ut before surgery I was actually feeling quite peppy and excited.
I have never had surgery before and was anticipating, well the anesthesia ; )

They even gave me these nifty undershorts things to wear which were super cute.

So they start drugging me up and before I even realize it I am acting pretty weird.
As they were wheeling me off into the operating room Ty said one last, "Love you babe!" and I responded by saying "L-O-L!"

All I remember is them putting an oxygen mask on my face and then, what felt like 5 minutes later, shaking me saying it was time to wake up.
I then remember demanding apple juice.
When I got back into the room where Ty and my mom were waiting, I told Ty he could take some pictures, naturally.
Apparently I insisted on throwing up a peace sign in every picture.

My mom was making an "L" with her fingers because they were still laughing that I said "L-O-L" on my way to surgery.
I got sad because I thought the "L" stood for "loser."

So she switched to a "w" for "winner." No she wasn't on drugs too, silly.

I mustered up all my strength to throw up that peace sign.

I remember my mom and Ty laughing at me but I didn't understand what was so funny.
I got home around noon on Friday and the rest of the weekend is pretty much a blur.
I slept.
Went to the bathroom like twice.
And ate a little .
Seriously that's all I did.

I'm starting to feel a lot better now and will hopefully get back into the swing of things pretty soon.
Luckily when the doctor got inside my knee he found out the meniscus was not torn so he only had to fix the ACL, which equals a shorter recovery.
I doubt your weekend was as good as mine, but hopefully you did something fun!


  1. Holy Cow!! Those are some sweet pics! I remember my surgery for torn meniscus it was no bueno - after they put the mask on my brother said "Angela I'll give you a million dollars if you stay awake" lol, then when I woke up I cried cause I thought I peed myself.....ha. Good luck with recovery and pt! =)

  2. I love you and your blog so much!! I couldn't stop laughing as I read this post and the one about your car blocking traffic. You are so great!
    I really wish that I saw you more often. You, me and Mar should go to lunch.

  3. Can't believe I didn't comment on this post yet - thought I had. Anyways, this story is now a classic in our family. I tell Chris "I love you!" and he says "LOL". Or vice versa. :)