Monday, April 11, 2011

I just wanna fly....

On Saturday we went to a movie.
A movie that I really liked.
After that movie we walked outside and heard live music coming from the mall next to the theater so we decided to check it out.
As we walked (limped) towards the music all of a sudden the unfamiliar tune ended and the sound changed to a memory from my pre-teen years:

I really haven't even thought about the band Sugar Ray in like, 7 years.
Ok that's a lie.
I watch Celebrity Apprentice every Sunday night and Mark McGrath is on it.
If you don't know what I'm talking about...well I wouldn't be that surprised.
Anyway I was SO excited when I heard this song.
SO excited.
There were tons of people there!

It was so fun.
When does this ever happen?
Just walking around, minding my own business, then all of a sudden BAM I get to go to a FREE concert with one of my childhood favs.
Their music reminds me of being 10 years old riding in the backseat of my mom's car headed to summer swim practice.
LOVE Sugar Ray.
Even if they haven't had a new song since 1997.

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