Saturday, April 23, 2011


As of yesterday I am an unemployed college graduate.
Ahhh feels nice.
Tyler and I graduated in my department together.
We even walked across the stage hand in hand because
1) We're married, duh
2) Because I was scared I was going to trip and fall on my face.

Both of our parents came into town to celebrate.

Here's our friends Kylee and Scott.
Love them.

After we walked we met up with Aleesha at the pool for some swammer grad pics.

Our sexy mamas

I wish I'd taken some pics without that fugly robe on

Seems like only yesterday I was moving into the dorms.
I'm sad to be done...But happy to be done.
You know?


  1. Congrats!! So excited for you to come to the city!!

  2. Congrats on being all done! I hope I get to see you two again some day, cuz now you'll be moving to the big apple and then when will I ever see you!?!? Hopefully we can come visit some time :)

  3. Congrats! The pictures that I took of you guys were awesome in grandma's yard, so I will get them to you!