Sunday, August 29, 2010


Tomorrow is my last first day of school!!!!
I remember by first first day of school...
Seems like only yesterday I was standing nervously in the playground of
Ensign Elementary.
I'm kinda sad.
But more happy than sad : )

Friday, August 27, 2010

a pic

Thanks to Cate Williams for the beautiful wedding pictures...more to come!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

an animal

I lay awake in bed last night thinking about the way I eat spaghetti.
I couldn't get this grotesque thought out of my mind.
I am usually quite a polite person.
I even went to cotillion when I was in elementary school where I was taught etiquette and manners.
But for some reason I can't figure out how to eat spaghetti without looking like a starving animal.
I try to twirl it around on my fork (I've even tried doing the spoon/fork twirl thing) but there are always lose ends hanging down.
Then when I pick it up everything unravels.
I attempt this multiple times before I get frustrated with myself.
I end up scooping the noodles up in my fork and shoving them in my mouth.
This, of course, leaves multiple strands hanging out of my mouth and I look like a rabid beast.
I proceed by slurping or jamming the dangling noodles into my mouth as quickly as I can before anyone sees.
This tends to make me look even more vicious.

Ty never ceases to twirl the noodles perfectly on his plate and makes a perfect bite size portion every time.
No dangling ends.
No animal-like behavior.

I apologize if you have ever been in my presence when spaghetti has been served.
It probably made you feel uncomfortable and embarrassed for me.

My sister got married yesterday.
It was a beautiful, perfect day.
I will post pictures of the wedding.
I just have to wait for someone to put them up on facebook so I can have them.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

so yeah

Back in P-Town and ready for action
(e.g. sitting in front of the TV watching the newest season of Friday Night Lights.)

I haven't documented anything that has happened for the last two weeks so it feels like a lot.
We celebrated our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!
We are officially no longer newlyweds.
That's ok with me as long as people don't start asking us when we are going to start reproducing.
We turned it into a weekend of celebration starting off with Ty finishing work on Friday!
We were so happy to be officially done with our internships.
Not that we didn't enjoy them...just ready for a break.
Then we ate at a lot of yummy restaurants and Ty gave me a present that was 10 gajillion times better than what I gave him...which happens every time we exchange gifts.

Packing up our apartment was hard...I didn't realize how much I had accumulated over the summer.
(Ty was more shocked)
But we finally got it all stuffed into our suitcases and headed to North Carolina.
We went to the beach for the final installment of our celebrations and then hung out with the family.
Oh I learned how to play tennis!
I want to get good at it so that I can play when I'm 80 with my other elderly friends.
And so I can look like this:

A bit of news...Ty accepted an offer to work full-time at the job he was at this summer so that means we are moving back to NY after we graduate in April!!!
Excited!/Happy!/Need to find a job!/can't wait!/yay!!!
It will be nice to not have to stress about what we are doing after we graduate.
AND my sister gets married tomorrow! We are so excited for her and Logan. Should be a fun day.

So yeah.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The End.

Today was the last day of my internship at Fox News here in NYC. It went by SO incredibly fast...12 weeks ago I was a timid new intern walking into the NewsCorp headquarters without a clue and today I didn't want to leave! Couldn't have asked for a better experience...loved every second of it. Here's some pix of my last day (go me for actually taking pictures!!!!).

My fellow intern Sarah-Gordon. Yes, Sara Jayne and Sarah-Gordon. Very confusing for everyone.

Us with Glenn (no, I didn't buzz my head...I just decided to slick my hair back very tightly and nastily in honor of my last day).

Oh how I'll miss it here.

Spent a lot of time in this room.

Ty's last day of work is tomorrow....I cannot describe to you my excitement for this.
I don't think I have been this excited since I was 4 years old on Christmas Eve.
No more work....
This weekend is our anniversary...
Then it's off to North Carolina...
Then HOME!!!!!!

Let the summer begin : )

By the way...did you see me on TV?!?!?!
I represented the U.S. Treasury in a segment on the live show yesterday. LOL

The guy on the right is David Buckner, Professor at Columbia University.
Watch this from a few months'll die.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

back 2 reality

Can you believe it?
Is this some kind of sick joke?
Summer is almost over?
School starts in 3 weeks?
I'm a senior?
Only one year left in college?
I ask did this happen to me?
Time sure is a funny thing. It goes by incredibly slow when you're in the moment, but looking back it always seems to fly by.
That's how I feel right now.
I cannot believe we have been in New York for three months and that we are going home next week. I really have loved it here, but I can't wait to be home.
Living here has made me feel like we are on the fast track to adulthood and makes me realize how precious our time as young married college students really is.
How many people get to experience college with their spouse (besides @ BYU)???
Like none.
I feel like we have already moved on from that and now we are getting a second chance to go back and live one last year as true zoobies.
Come April we will be thrown into the real world with real jobs, real problems, and all other things real.
I can't wait to go back to little old Provo for our final year.
I want to go through the drive through at Wendy's...
put on a sweatshirt and head to a BYU football game...
stay up late watching past seasons of our favorite TV shows...
and study for an impossible exam that I always get a 64% on.
Ah the lap of luxury.

kkk sry for being reflective/deep...
DiD yOu WaTcH tHe BaChEloReTtE??!?!?!!
i KNEW she would pick Roberto from the very first night!
Ummm first impression rose? DUH!!!
Who's watching Bachelor Pad?
Anyone? Anyone?

Monday, August 2, 2010

my race

Last week I decided I like running. I have always, kind-of liked running, but now I really like it. A friend called and asked me to go running and took me on the most beautiful run along the Hudson River. I just loved the feeling of running outside and having the water to my left and the amazing city of NY to my right. We ran about 5 miles and I felt great.
SO great in fact, that I decided to go on another run the very next day.
Guys...I ran 8 miles! That's a lot for me!
At the end of this 8-mile excursion, I was running along with about a half mile to go when I saw this skinny, middle-aged man running about 50 yards ahead of me. I decided to speed up and catch him.
That I did....and he did not like it.
As soon as I passed him he started running right on my feet to try and regain his lead.
That he did.
I tend to be competitive when it comes to stupid things like this, so I instinctively decided to go even faster and pass him again.
But this time, he wouldn't let me.
He started sprinting.
I wasn't going to let this skinny little man beat me, so of course I had to start sprinting as well, trying with all my might to catch him.
There we were, two strangers running our hearts out down the West Side Highway in the dark. He was looking over his shoulder trying to see how close I was.
And happened.
"Just a small town girl...livin' in a lonely world..."
The Glee cover of Journey's 'Don't Stop Believin' came on my playlist.
I love that song.
I felt adrenaline flowing through me and I just couldn't help myself but to pick up my pace even more.
I felt creepily happy as the distance between us grew smaller.
And then we came to a crosswalk and had to stop.
I went one way and he went the other.
I really hope I never run into him again.