Thursday, August 26, 2010

an animal

I lay awake in bed last night thinking about the way I eat spaghetti.
I couldn't get this grotesque thought out of my mind.
I am usually quite a polite person.
I even went to cotillion when I was in elementary school where I was taught etiquette and manners.
But for some reason I can't figure out how to eat spaghetti without looking like a starving animal.
I try to twirl it around on my fork (I've even tried doing the spoon/fork twirl thing) but there are always lose ends hanging down.
Then when I pick it up everything unravels.
I attempt this multiple times before I get frustrated with myself.
I end up scooping the noodles up in my fork and shoving them in my mouth.
This, of course, leaves multiple strands hanging out of my mouth and I look like a rabid beast.
I proceed by slurping or jamming the dangling noodles into my mouth as quickly as I can before anyone sees.
This tends to make me look even more vicious.

Ty never ceases to twirl the noodles perfectly on his plate and makes a perfect bite size portion every time.
No dangling ends.
No animal-like behavior.

I apologize if you have ever been in my presence when spaghetti has been served.
It probably made you feel uncomfortable and embarrassed for me.

My sister got married yesterday.
It was a beautiful, perfect day.
I will post pictures of the wedding.
I just have to wait for someone to put them up on facebook so I can have them.

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  1. bahahahah we're having you guys over for spagetti ASAP haha