Tuesday, August 24, 2010

so yeah

Back in P-Town and ready for action
(e.g. sitting in front of the TV watching the newest season of Friday Night Lights.)

I haven't documented anything that has happened for the last two weeks so it feels like a lot.
We celebrated our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!
We are officially no longer newlyweds.
That's ok with me as long as people don't start asking us when we are going to start reproducing.
We turned it into a weekend of celebration starting off with Ty finishing work on Friday!
We were so happy to be officially done with our internships.
Not that we didn't enjoy them...just ready for a break.
Then we ate at a lot of yummy restaurants and Ty gave me a present that was 10 gajillion times better than what I gave him...which happens every time we exchange gifts.

Packing up our apartment was hard...I didn't realize how much I had accumulated over the summer.
(Ty was more shocked)
But we finally got it all stuffed into our suitcases and headed to North Carolina.
We went to the beach for the final installment of our celebrations and then hung out with the family.
Oh I learned how to play tennis!
I want to get good at it so that I can play when I'm 80 with my other elderly friends.
And so I can look like this:

A bit of news...Ty accepted an offer to work full-time at the job he was at this summer so that means we are moving back to NY after we graduate in April!!!
Excited!/Happy!/Need to find a job!/can't wait!/yay!!!
It will be nice to not have to stress about what we are doing after we graduate.
AND my sister gets married tomorrow! We are so excited for her and Logan. Should be a fun day.

So yeah.


  1. So glad I found you on here! Congrats again to you guys. We can't wait until you come back!

  2. Congrats! So glad you guys are heading back this way. That is very exciting. Enjoy P town for us ...

    PS: We LOVE Friday Night Lights.

  3. That is so great! Congrats to Tyler. It will be a great last year not having to worry about the job thing.