Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Nap Time"

Nap time for Caroline has been a struggle since day one.
When she was a newborn she literally wouldn't sleep unless she was being held and it was a real chore to get her to fall asleep at all.
We tried everything--rocking, bouncing, jogging, swinging, sushing, name it.
I let this go on until she hit about 4 months and then decided I had had it.
I needed to do stuff like shower and eat, you know?
Caroline's heyday was over...
The time had come for her to face the dreaded crib.
So we put her in there to let her figure it out.
The funny thing is she didn't really cry...she just played.
We later got a camera so we could see what she was doing in there because I would go in an hour later not knowing if she had slept at all.
This is what we saw:
"Oh wow these bar things are super fun."

"Perhaps I can use them to pull myself up."

"What's that thing over there looking at me?"

"Verryyy interesting..."

"Mom, dad, you're not fooling anyone."
She's a strange one.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Meanderings

Winter is dragging on and on...and on.
And then, as if out of nowhere, yesterday was 75 (!) degrees and the day before it was 78 (!)
Caroline was born in September so she literally has never experienced such warmth.
The poor thing.
It seems Spring has finally sprung!

Dad came to meet us for lunch at the Hudson River Parkway

First time in a swing=confusion.

Sometimes we joke that C is like a vampire character from Twilight--She is so fair. When she goes into the sun her eyes look white and she shuns in pain, also her skin is so light it is translucent.

A Girl Scout troup was selling cookies so I (naturally) stopped to buy some Thin Mints. The girls were ooing over her saying things like, "Her skin is so soft!" and  "Look at her eyes!" 

Saw this on my run the other night.
That's the truth right there.

We met Ruby in the park yesterday for round two of the baby swings.
They were having the time of their lives ;)

Monday, April 8, 2013

A Kate Spade Mystery...

In early March I received a package in the mail.
My birthday wasn't until the 22nd so I let it sit on the kitchen table for a couple weeks unopened.
I thought for sure it was a birthday present from a punctual family member.
My birthday finally came and it was time to open my present.
I tore open the yellow padded envelope to find a Kate Spade box.
Inside the box was this adorable yellow gold knot bangle.
It goes quite nicely with my watch from MIL, don't you think?
Anyway I searched for a card, a note, anything to tell me who send this gift.
I called all my family members and asked a few friends...anyone I thought of who could have sent it.
It remains a mystery!
The strangest thing is that the return address on the package was from 'NY Lingerie in Hobron, KY'.
Ummm what?
I googled the exact address and I kid you not--there is nothing there. is an empty field.
And the store 'NY Lingerie' doesn't sell Kate Spade Bracelets?!
I even unsuccessfully tried tracking the package.
I can think of a few possible explanations:
1) I accidentally bought this for myself while shopping online...unlikely but I wouldln't put it past me.
2) It is from someone really obvious who is waiting patiently for a thank you note and I'm going to feel really bad when I figure it out.
3) I have a secret admirer.
Nameless birthday present gifter...If you're out there show yourself!
I just want to say 'Thank You!' and solve this birthday mystery!!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Rise and Shout

A few of my favorite things came together yesterday for one of the most memorable nights we've had here in the city.
BYU+iconic NYC venue+KFC+Tuesday night date night=YES PLEASE!!!
I am a BYU cougar through and through so when we learned the cougs would be coming to play in the NIT tournament at Madison Square Garden we were all in.
Ty got off work early, we hired a sitter, and we were off!
It felt like in a weird way we had come full circle, being there at the game.
Less than two years ago we were sitting in the student section with painted faces cheering like the loud fools we were.
(Well, I would cheer and Ty would look embarrassed for me).
Last night we were watching the game as alumni in a city far from campus with our baby asleep back in our apartment.
I had a creepy proud smile as I stood up and sang the cougar fight song, all hand gestures included. 
Ty--still embarrassed.
I guess some things will never change.

It was my first time at The Garden so that was a fun experience.
I loved thinking about all of the famous people who frequent the stadium and all of the big events that have taken place there....Namely Justin Bieber concerts.

Right in the action.

SOOOOO they lost.
They tend to do that to you in situations like this.
To lesson the blow we stopped at KFC in Penn Station before heading home.
No pictures...maybe that's on purpose because anyone who saw the underground train station food establishment where we ate would say, "You ate there?!"
But also anyone who knows the Baldwins knows that places like KFC, Chik-fil-A, and Wendy's are kind of our thing so sorry I'm not sorry.
Go Cougs!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Sunday

 Easter was a great day for us--the first in a long time that Ty had zero work to do.
That in itself was reason to celebrate.
The Reese's Eggs and Starburst Jelly Beans were just icing on the cake.
Happy Easter peeps!