Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Nap Time"

Nap time for Caroline has been a struggle since day one.
When she was a newborn she literally wouldn't sleep unless she was being held and it was a real chore to get her to fall asleep at all.
We tried everything--rocking, bouncing, jogging, swinging, sushing, name it.
I let this go on until she hit about 4 months and then decided I had had it.
I needed to do stuff like shower and eat, you know?
Caroline's heyday was over...
The time had come for her to face the dreaded crib.
So we put her in there to let her figure it out.
The funny thing is she didn't really cry...she just played.
We later got a camera so we could see what she was doing in there because I would go in an hour later not knowing if she had slept at all.
This is what we saw:
"Oh wow these bar things are super fun."

"Perhaps I can use them to pull myself up."

"What's that thing over there looking at me?"

"Verryyy interesting..."

"Mom, dad, you're not fooling anyone."
She's a strange one.