Monday, April 8, 2013

A Kate Spade Mystery...

In early March I received a package in the mail.
My birthday wasn't until the 22nd so I let it sit on the kitchen table for a couple weeks unopened.
I thought for sure it was a birthday present from a punctual family member.
My birthday finally came and it was time to open my present.
I tore open the yellow padded envelope to find a Kate Spade box.
Inside the box was this adorable yellow gold knot bangle.
It goes quite nicely with my watch from MIL, don't you think?
Anyway I searched for a card, a note, anything to tell me who send this gift.
I called all my family members and asked a few friends...anyone I thought of who could have sent it.
It remains a mystery!
The strangest thing is that the return address on the package was from 'NY Lingerie in Hobron, KY'.
Ummm what?
I googled the exact address and I kid you not--there is nothing there. is an empty field.
And the store 'NY Lingerie' doesn't sell Kate Spade Bracelets?!
I even unsuccessfully tried tracking the package.
I can think of a few possible explanations:
1) I accidentally bought this for myself while shopping online...unlikely but I wouldln't put it past me.
2) It is from someone really obvious who is waiting patiently for a thank you note and I'm going to feel really bad when I figure it out.
3) I have a secret admirer.
Nameless birthday present gifter...If you're out there show yourself!
I just want to say 'Thank You!' and solve this birthday mystery!!!