Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Good Eats

One of our favorite things about living in NYC is all of the amazing restaurants it has to offer.
There are are SO many options.
I really think you could eat at a different place every night of the year, every year for as long as you live.
Since we aren't into the 'night scene' the perfect weekend night for us involves seeking out a cool and yummy restaurant with good reviews and then then journeying there to try it for ourselves.
Sometimes it's hard to find good reviews online because you have no idea how credible they are, so we've found the best way to hear about good eats is by word of mouth.
I don't know if this counts as word of mouth, but I have been waiting for Joanna Goddard from the blog 'A Cup of Jo' to come out with her 10 best restaurants in NYC post.
It did not disappoint!
I've never been to any of them so I am excited to have a new list of places conquer...
Here is her top ten (commentary added):
1. 'ino, West Village
2. Husdon Clearwater, West Village (this one is apparently a 'secret restaurant....cool! Not gonna lie the pics look sketch but I'm always up for an adventure.)
3. Tartine, West Village
4. Cafe Cluny, West Village
5. Mary's Fish Camp, West Village (I hate seafood...like all seafood...so I probably won't be going here but I'm sure it's great if you're into that.)
6. Co., Chelsea (She says it's the best pizza in the city. It would have to be pretty amazing to beat out my personal fav, Grimalid's, but I'm willing to give it a shot :))
7. Mermaid Inn, East Village
8. Hampton Chutney Co., Soho (Apparently good for brunch. I like brunch.)
9. Schiller's, Lower East
10. Frankies Spuntino, Brooklyn (She says it close enough to bike to this place from Manhattan)
See Joanna's Full post and other Top 10 NYC posts HERE

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Friday Everyone!

EMBED-Bollywood Break Dance In 1987 - Watch more free videos

You're welcome.
Shout out to my sis-in-law Holly for introducing me to this little gem.


Have you heard of Boo?
Boo has been dubbed world's cutest dog and has over 1 million friends of Facebook.
He is a doggy model and has made appearances on Good Morning America, meets celebrities like Tory Burch, and even has own book.
Doncha jus wanna squish that lil face???

Ready for Fall!
Again, you're welcome.
Here's to a great weekend!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

New York Fashion Week

My friend Pam scored tickets to a Fashion show during NYFW and invited Monica and myself to tag along.
This was my first fashion show and I didn't know what to expect...but it ended up being SO COOL!
The show was for a designer named Nami who is based out of L.A. and this was her debut show.
The event was held in the showroom of an Audi dealership on Park Ave.
All the cars were cleared out and a runway was formed down the middle of two sections of chairs:

The show started when the designer walked out and introduced her line and described her inspiration. She said that she was inspired by a trip to Japan where she sat one day and looked at all of the beautiful cherry blossoms. The colors and fabrics she used in the line reflect what she saw in nature. I could totally see it!

Then some heavy techno music began and out came the models:

I think this was the skinniest girl I've ever seen

Loved this outfit

Something funny....A crowd of men forming outside trying to get a peek at the models:

We even got to take pictures on the 'red carpet' hah! Good thing my pants matched the floor.

Ever wondered how TALL runway models are in person?


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Webcam 101

I love this so much.

They remind my of my grandparents.
And I miss them.
Ty and I always talk about how weird it is that one day we will be the old, out-of- it grandparents trying to understand the latest technology.
Someday we will say things like, "When I was your age all we had were cell phones with the Internet."
We often try to guess what technology will be like in 50 years...
Perhaps we will have time travel or teleporting systems.
Or a refrigerator that can tell you what you're running low on and will email a grocery list to you.
Wait, does that already exist?
Anyway, we are looking forward to those confusing times and being senile and stuff.

Monday, September 12, 2011

September 11, 2011

I don't really have a personal 9/11 story to share.
I lived far away form New York on that day and was too young to get it.
I could tell something devastating had happened, but I didn't know anyone who lived here and had never even been to New York City so I didn't quite feel a personal loss at the time.
Flash forward 10 years later and I am living literally across the street from "ground zero."
I have noticed that it is something people living here still think about on a daily basis.
It was a life changing experience for them.
Being here on the anniversary yesterday, it was kind of an eerie feeling.
We watched a documentary on the History Chanel last night and saw what our neighborhood looked like a decade ago to the day.
People were running for their lives, ashes and inch thick covered the streets for blocks, and a lot of people lost their friends, family members, coworkers, etc.
In a city where people can sometimes be a little cold and often keep to themselves, I was surprised to see through the footage how New Yorkers came together on that day.
Complete strangers were picking each other up off the streets, offering a shoulder to cry on, and holding onto each other when it seemed like the world was ending.
That is not something you see everyday.

I took this picture on my phone while walking home from dinner on Saturday night. This new building is called the Freedom Tower and is being built at ground zero. It is already HUGE, towering over the tallest buildings downtown and is only about 3/4 of the way done. It was all lit up in red, white, and blue for the anniversary. Ty couldn't see the red bc of his colorblindness lol.

I didn't take this picture but I found it online and just thought it was so cool. The two pillars of light are commemorating the twin towers.

You have to make reservations to go see the memorial at ground zero and it is completely booked for the next month, but we will definitely be checking it out once the crowds die down.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


This post is titled 'Falling' for 2 reasons...
1) I fell
2) It feels like Fall

I fell, flat on my face, while walking briskly down the street the other day.
The front of my flip flop got caught on one of those metal doors on the sidewalk that leads down into who knows where.
This wasn't like a slow, graceful, trip.
I was walking fast and seriously jolted onto the ground like a big fat idiot.
I even made this weird manly grunting noise as I fell.
It is still replaying in my mind.
And of course, I was in a knee-length, flowy a skirt : )
My underwear was exposed.
I scraped my hand and toe.
But mostly, it was my pride that was hurt.
It was bound to happen sooner or later.
I'm not the most coordinated kid on the block.
It's just so funny how awkward you feel after something like that happens.
I felt so surprised/embarrassed/shocked all at the same time.
I didn't know whether to laugh or cry as I was sitting there on the dirty sidewalk with a few strangers offering to help me up, my knickers staring them in the face.
So I just forced a half smile, dusted myself off, and went on my way.
I immediately got out my phone and started to text someone...anyone...just to make myself feel better and look like I had friends.

Now to my second point.
Being from Utah where the weather is CRAZYYYY (like It snows in July there) I wasn't prepared for this sudden change in seasons.
It seems like as soon as September 1st hit NYC someone flipped the Fall switch into the 'on' position and out came the boots and gloomy weather.
I'm fine with it.
To tell you the truth, I am fully ready and prepared for some cooler weather up in here.
I'll be the first one to admit I'm not a pretty sight in the extreme heat.
Plus....I get to wear these babies: