Saturday, September 17, 2011

New York Fashion Week

My friend Pam scored tickets to a Fashion show during NYFW and invited Monica and myself to tag along.
This was my first fashion show and I didn't know what to expect...but it ended up being SO COOL!
The show was for a designer named Nami who is based out of L.A. and this was her debut show.
The event was held in the showroom of an Audi dealership on Park Ave.
All the cars were cleared out and a runway was formed down the middle of two sections of chairs:

The show started when the designer walked out and introduced her line and described her inspiration. She said that she was inspired by a trip to Japan where she sat one day and looked at all of the beautiful cherry blossoms. The colors and fabrics she used in the line reflect what she saw in nature. I could totally see it!

Then some heavy techno music began and out came the models:

I think this was the skinniest girl I've ever seen

Loved this outfit

Something funny....A crowd of men forming outside trying to get a peek at the models:

We even got to take pictures on the 'red carpet' hah! Good thing my pants matched the floor.

Ever wondered how TALL runway models are in person?



  1. You look HOT! (is that weird of me to say? just statin' the facts! and I'm sure Tyler would agree with me :) So jealous of everything you get to do!

  2. glad to see you are getting use out of those pants :) love em.