Thursday, September 15, 2011

Webcam 101

I love this so much.

They remind my of my grandparents.
And I miss them.
Ty and I always talk about how weird it is that one day we will be the old, out-of- it grandparents trying to understand the latest technology.
Someday we will say things like, "When I was your age all we had were cell phones with the Internet."
We often try to guess what technology will be like in 50 years...
Perhaps we will have time travel or teleporting systems.
Or a refrigerator that can tell you what you're running low on and will email a grocery list to you.
Wait, does that already exist?
Anyway, we are looking forward to those confusing times and being senile and stuff.


  1. that grandpa was kind-of annoying lol.
    but i know what you mean about technology- in 20 years i hope to have a machine that will let me input my outfit/hairstyle. all i have to do is step inside and in 5 seconds it dresses and grooms me and i'm all ready to go.

  2. hahahaha sj i loved that video! so funny! miss you guys!!!

  3. That video was hilarious!
    Sorry for the random comment, but it was too cute of video to just not comment on. My husband and your husband know each other from BYU, and we have met like twice-after a BYU game, and one other time that I can't remember. =)