Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Meanderings

Winter is dragging on and on...and on.
And then, as if out of nowhere, yesterday was 75 (!) degrees and the day before it was 78 (!)
Caroline was born in September so she literally has never experienced such warmth.
The poor thing.
It seems Spring has finally sprung!

Dad came to meet us for lunch at the Hudson River Parkway

First time in a swing=confusion.

Sometimes we joke that C is like a vampire character from Twilight--She is so fair. When she goes into the sun her eyes look white and she shuns in pain, also her skin is so light it is translucent.

A Girl Scout troup was selling cookies so I (naturally) stopped to buy some Thin Mints. The girls were ooing over her saying things like, "Her skin is so soft!" and  "Look at her eyes!" 

Saw this on my run the other night.
That's the truth right there.

We met Ruby in the park yesterday for round two of the baby swings.
They were having the time of their lives ;)

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  1. dude. homegirl is rocking that swing. pretty soon she'll be hustling all the kids on the playground ... like the boss that she is.