Friday, July 1, 2011

We're there.

Got to NYC late last night after a very long day of ikea trips and Manhattan traffic. We ended up renting a uhaul trailer thing because I accumulated a ton of stuff in North Carolina thanks to my family-in-law : )
It was a nightmare driving around the city with that huge thing!
We got in 3 minor accidents no joke.
We were supposed to move in from 3-5 but didn't even arrive to our building until 8.
Then we stayed up until 2am putting together some ikea furniture.
Even the sofa required assembly!
Have you ever put together something from ikea?
It's ridiculous.
There are no words in the instruction manuals jut little cartoon characters.
No wonder our bed was like 3 dollars.

Tys dad was like one of Santa's Little Helpers with all his tools.

It's basically a mess but we like it : )

Coming soon:
Pics of everything.
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