Friday, July 8, 2011

Peeping Tom....

This is what I see when I look out my window:

Nothing amazing, just a building.
But the other day I was gazing out, looking at the scenery and minding my own business, and saw a CREEPER with BINOCULARS looking into our apartment!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes! I have been a victim of a peeping tom!!!
See that stalker looking window, second one down on the right, with the perfect crack in the drapery?

Yeah that's where I caught him.
Ok I don't know if it was a him but whatever.
So I waved at him/her with a "What the heck?!" look on my face and then they quickly dropped the binoculars and hid behind the drapes.
I'm not quite sure what you do about this....should I call the police?
They probably have bigger problems to deal with.
But what if I had been naked or something?
Seriously creepy.
Someone is probably saying the same thing about me taking a picture from my apartment window : )


  1. I would call the cops. Might as well have it documented in case the guy is later caught peeping again or worse!

  2. Ew!!! That is so scary.. I would for sure call someone & make sure you have curtains!

  3. just so you know.... i have thought about your creeper every single day since you posted this post. i'm nervous for you. ha. i think you should put a sign in your window that reads, "stop creeping". xoxo