Tuesday, November 1, 2011


My parents came to visit!
Even though there was a total blizzard on Saturday (like, we got 3 inches of snow) we were still able to do a lot of fun shtuff!!!
The highlight of the weekend was seeing the newly completed 9/11 Memorial.
I had seen pictures but nothing can compare to what it looked like in person.
I didn't realize how HUGE it is.
Pops and I standing by the fountain built in the foundation of the south tower. HUGE and super cool. Puts it into perspective how big the buildings were and how many people were inside...
Mom and dad with the under-construction Freedom Tower in the background. The building directly to the left of it is Ty's second home I mean office.
Really? Since when do my parents text more than me?
Downtown with the Wall Street Bull
Yes....we went to Grimaldi's again. I know there's so many great places but I just LOVE this so much.
My mom was very excited about taking this picture. That's Lady Liberty she's pinching.
Other highlights of the weekend included taking cabs everywhere...bc I never get to do that.
Oh and drinking hot chocolate during a snow storm.

Happy November!


  1. That pic of your parents texting is so funny! And I love your mom pinching the Statue of Liberty. Hopefully we'll get to come out to NY some time!!

  2. oh i love this. can't wait to see you next week and even more excited for when i get to come visit!

  3. so glad I could meet your dad and see your mom again. So lovely!

  4. that last picture cracks me up. i need to come visit soon. it all looks so great!!