Tuesday, April 6, 2010

H20 Polo 2nite

Is it totally geeky that Ty and I play on a coed intramural inner tube water polo team? Probably. Well, we have a game tonight and we are so excited for it! It's playoff time...big deal! Ty has been playing on the Rubber Duckies team since his freshman year. He finally recruited me to join the team after mucho reluctance on my part. At first it was hard for me to admit, but I actually enjoy it! Right now in the tournament there are only 6 teams left. Believe it or not, there were more then 80 when we started! Such a BYU thing.
It's really fun, but sort of awkward looking. You actually sit in a tube and paddle yourself around, so you are like, half-wet. Unless you fall out of your tube, of course. Then you are all-the-way-wet. The best part of the games is watching people try to get back into their huge and slippery rubber tubes after falling out. I highly recommend stopping by the R.B. sometime and watching a game if you've never seen it! GO RUBBER DUCKIES!Here is a picture of Ty and some of his water polo teammates. I can't explain why they are bald, they don't look like this now.A picture of people I don't know playing inner tube polo. They actually look kind of cool, we aren't this legit and we don't wear those head things.

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