Wednesday, April 14, 2010

killer party

Today we had a bridal shower for my sista! Here's the beaming bride-to-be herself...

The spread: homemade lemon cupcakes with fondant 'pearls', strawberry lemonade, and fruit with yogurt dip. It looked like it came right out of Martha Stewart Living. Excellent work ladies.

Jakie's cupcakes tasted just as good as they looked!

I only had one (plus 2!)

We blindfolded Maren and made her feel the legs, biceps, and hands of three guys. She had to guess which one was Logan. It was hilarious.

Fortunately she guessed correctly. She said the only way she knew was because Logan doesn't have hair on the back of his legs. HAH

So happy for Maren and Logan! They are getting married on August 25th in Salt Lake. They are so good for each other and make a fabulous little couple. It's going to be so fun helping to plan the wedding, although Maren would probably like it if I kept my opinions to myself! I just love weddings and wish I could have another one just for the planning... {sigh}


  1. forget broadcasting... lets go be partners and start a wedding planning company :)

  2. feel free to plan mine... you can start now with a futuristic theme. I prob will be wed around 2020 so the theme will feel normal by then <3

  3. SARA JAYNE!!!! What the heck, I had no idea you guys have a BLOG. I'm so glad I stumbled across it. I miss you and love you. It looks like you and Tyler are doing fabulous! I'm SO freaking jealous you guys are moving to New York. Maybe I'll have to come visit you ha. Well I love you, so glad I get to stay updated on your life through your blog. xoxo. -Aubs

  4. Ok. You don't even need me to post! I am the 4th person to post. But I will continue to always check your blog and promise to comment!
    I loved seeing you today and I was thinking that the shower was a great thing to blog about. (I'm glad that you wrote about it)
    You are so great and I am dead serious about hanging out. Thanks for commenting on my made me so happy.
    And sorry that this is comment it so long. Love you.

  5. so cute! yesterday must of been the bridal shower day. i had one for Laura and was invited to antoher one as well. love ya!