Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Home Sweet Home

It's funny how you can make all the plans you want, but somehow they will always end up changing. My plan for the weekend was to spend the Fourth with my mom, in New York, shopping at LuLu Lemon and seeing the Broadway musical Memphis. Well, my plans changed and I am going home to Salt Lake tomorrow to spend time with my family there. My mom is still in the hospital recovering from her surgery and I just can't stand being away any longer. It was quite the dilemma deciding whether or not to just stick it out and stay here (plane tickets for the holiday weekend are extremely expensive and I have to miss a couple days of work) or go home to help my mom. When I really thought about it, I knew that if it were me in the hospital with a severe injury, my mom would come from anywhere and be there as fast as possible. That's just how she is. SO it just didn't make any sense for me not to go.
Though it would have been fun to enjoy the city with mama this weekend, I am just grateful that she is on the road to recovery and that I get to make a spontaneous trip home to see all of my loved ones.
Who needs plans anyway, right?


  1. pretty pretty please tell me I am in the "loved ones" catagory

  2. i think it is great you are going home to visit. Hope your mom recovers fast. I'm glad you can go there to help.