Friday, June 11, 2010

Best Job Ever! and stuff

Ok, so it's not a job it's an internship, but it really is the greatest! I work the with coolest people intelligent, funny, and just great to be around. I have learned SO much since I started. I'll be a new woman when it's all over in a couple months!

The control room-- where all the work goes into putting on the show.

Studio D--Where the GB magic happens.

Sorry the pictures look like they're from 1902.
I love New York. Sometimes I just look around and still can't believe that I am here doing what I'm doing.
Although my tasks at work are usually intellectually stimulating and enlightening, at times I am asked to run random errands. Today I was asked to get a 'congratulations' gift basket for Judge Napolitano. I got a hold of the company credit card and headed to this amazing little Chocolate shop in Rockefeller Plaza called La Masion du Chocolat. I bought $130 worth of chocolate for this lucky guy! Then I went to the Morrell wine store and bought a bottle of Chianti. That was a first! I had no idea what I was doing but it was fun to pretend like I was getting all of it for myself. Oh...and they didn't even I.D. me! Cool huh?
Ty FINALLY started his internship this week. He worked until about 9pm every night, and who knows how late he'll be there for the rest of the weekend. He has already made some good friends and said he has learned a ton.
Don't have any pictures of his work.
Sorry I've been lame about posting regularly. Sorry I'm apologizing about blogging. But I really will be better, I promise : )

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