Wednesday, June 23, 2010

summer storm

While I wait for my toenails to dry, I thought I would write about my adventure last night. Yesterday was a lovely summer day...showed no signs of a storm whatsoever! So to my surprise, when I got off the subway on my way home from work it was POURING rain. Like..POURING. Luckily, being the ultra-prepared wannabe New Yorker I am, and mucho thanks to my ginorm Michael Kors bag, I had an umbrella! But it was raining so hard the umbrella didn't help much! By the time I got home the only spot on my body that was dry was the very top of my head! My pants literally looked like I had jumped into a swimming pool. They were getting so heavy with water that my legs were getting tired walking in them. NOT JOKING.
It was pretty dramatic. I actually quite enjoyed getting caught in a summer storm in the middle of the city. So much that I just might have to do it again sometime.

Tomorrow I am meeting up with all of Ty's sisters to begin our much anticipated girls weekend. I am so very excited to see and catch up with all of them. I haven't seen some of them since our wedding. BTW can you believe we have been married for 10 months? Believe it.
Speaking of Ty... He has been working a lot this week. He worked until 4am on Monday and 3am this morning. Tonight will probably be the same. If you think about it, might want to say a little prayer that he will make it through the night without falling asleep at his desk! If it were me, I'd be a goner by now.

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  1. All of your posts about NYC make me soooooo happy!! I am living there through you right now! So jealous!