Sunday, June 13, 2010


Is it normal to have gray hairs as a 21 year old? I have two of them. Seriously. I'm letting them grow out to see what happens.
We have some exciting things coming up! On Wednesday, Ty's mom Jodi is coming. It will be so fun to have a visitor and to catch up with her. I warned her it will be like camping when she stays in our apartment...we have to put her in a tiny corner to sleep with a blow-up mattress. The very next week, all of Ty's sisters (and sister-in-law) are coming for a girls weekend! Last year Jodi said that her dream has always been to take a girls trip to NY with all of her daughters and daughter-in-laws (or daughters-in-law...?). For Christmas, a "Surprise Fund for Jodi's NY Trip" was created in which everyone contributed money. We also put in for her birthday and Mother's Day. We have finally racked up enough cash to make the trip happen. We will be staying at a hotel in Times Square and we have already started planning our activities. All of the Baldwin women are amazing... couldn't have married into a better family!
The following week MY mom is coming to visit. I am very excited about this. This is the longest I have ever been away from her and my family! I make up for being so far away from them by averaging about 6 phone calls home per day. I can't wait for her to get here, we will surely commit some serious shopping damage.
Ty officially started working with his team on Friday. He didn't get home until about 2am. Poor guy! Last night was a little better, he got off at about 8 (yes, on a Saturday night). Lucky for me I have a lot of spare time to catch up on politics, reading, The Bachelorette.

Mi madre with my niece and nephew....Miss them!

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