Sunday, June 27, 2010

Good News/Bad News

The Good News: I had a fabulous weekend playing in the city with Ty's mom and sisters. We packed an obscene amount of activities into the 2.5 days we had here. We made a mile-long list of things we wanted to do and see, and we accomplished almost every single one of them. Highlights of the weekend include but are not limited to the following:
1. Rachel being followed in the MOMA by "Willie."
2. Jodi falling. Twice.
3. Jodi knocking over picture frames in the store and blaming it on me.
4. Dessert for breakfast.
5. Shopping at the ever-so-classy
Easy Spirit.
6. Makeuping in Sephora for 2 hours in the middle of the night.
7. Everyone buying the same shirt, shoes, sunglasses, etc.
8. a lot more that I can't even think of.
How lucky am I? The Baldwins are just great. I somehow acquired 5 of the most beautiful, kind, smart, and funny women as my new big sisters. To say the least, it was a perfect weekend spent in the city and I am sad it is over. Hopefully this becomes an annual event. Let's start saving our pennies!

Breakfast at Max Brenner-Chocolate by the Bald Man (Ty got to come too).

Out of all the shirts in Nordstrom Rack, three of us decided to buy the exact same one.

Outside So Good. And yes, it was.

Cute Toni and Rachel.

Eating Shake Shack.

The Bad but hopeful News: I got a call from my dad yesterday telling me he was at the hospital with my mom. She was in a bike accident and broke her back Saturday morning. She is in surgery right now to try and repair the vertebrae. I got to talk to her for a minute and she sounds like she is doing alright. She is the strongest and most positive person I know, so I'm confident she will make a quick and full recovery. I'm sad that she won't be able to come visit me this week, but I just want her to get better soon.
I love you mom!
(She's the blond on the left)


  1. The whole weekend was SO GOOD!

    Ah, sneakers everywhere!

    hope your mom is well on the road to recovery and you are enjoying home sweet home.

  2. Sorry about your mom/my aunt. Grandma called me in a panic trying to get ahold of my mom and the news just spread like wildfire. Hope you have a nice time at home though, tell Katy HI for me!