Tuesday, September 14, 2010


When it comes to technology, I have the worst luck.
More specifically Apple technology.
I have never met anyone who has had as many problems with this as I have.
My Mac laptop has completely crashed not once, but twice.
And now my iphone is frozen.
I'm starting to see a pattern.
Maybe I should listen to Ty and switch to a PC and wannabe iphone.

I called Apple Tech Support to get help with my iphone probs but they told me that they can't help me until I buy some bajillion dollar tech support plan.
Um does this seem odd to anyone else?
YOUR product was a dud.
Now you wont even tell me what's wrong with it until I pay you???
Of course.
Now I am on hold with some guy at the Apple Store....it's been 57 minutes.
I'm 99% sure he forgot about me.
Tell me, what other options do I have?
What am I supposed to do without my cell phone?!
(Not that anyone will call/text me besides my mom)
So yes, Apple Store, I will patiently sit here on hold for the next three hours until you either a) fix my phone or b) give me a new one.
Preferably the new and improved iPhone 4.
I get secretly happy when my stuff breaks because that means I get new ones.

R.I.P iphone.
May you forever waste hours of my time.


  1. That is so annoying. Sorry to hear. I just got my friest apple product the other day. It makes me nervous but so far so good. Fun having yall over.

  2. SJ!! I hate hate hate my iphone!! I have the same problems my dear...I cant wait until my contract is up so I can get a crackberry again :)