Thursday, September 2, 2010


So the first week of school has been great and whatever but I am freaking out about something...
Labor Day is fast approaching.
Do you understand what this means?
I have always been a firm believer in this rule, but then I read this and now I feel like maybe it's an outdated idea.
I have fully been planning on putting my white pants away come Monday, but now I'm like...Maybe I'll be a rebel and keep wearing them.
But then I'm like...What if people don't understand I'm trying to be a rebel and just think I didn't know about the rule in he first place?
I have worn different variations of white pants every day so far so I could squeeze all of my best white-pant-outfits into my first week of school.
I just love how they give any outfit a clean, preppy look.
They are one of my favorite things.
Besides this, I am excited for the Fall wardrobe changes because I just ordered these boots.
Obv I wouldn't wear them with white pants.

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