Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Tropical Storm" Irene

As I'm sure you heard, the hurricane that swept the east coast this past weekend got demoted to a "tropical storm" when it hit NYC.
The reported "over 100 mph winds" were actually around 30 mph when it finally arrived Sunday morning.
I feel bad for people who were more affected by the storm, but I'll be honest, also feel slightly cheated out of my first hurricane experience.
One great thing that came out of the weekend (besides no floods and stuff) was that work and just about everything else was cancelled so we literally got to stay inside and do absolutely nothing for the entire weekend.
: )
We sat around, watched movies, ate and...um....yeah that's it.
And have you heard of the "freshman 15?"
I think I gained the "hurricane 15."
Something about being locked up inside all weekend made me want to stuff my face.
Anyway, here are some pics we took.
Most of them are taken from the exact same spot, because like I said, we didn't really move for 48 hours.

The night before the storm was supposed to arrive we took a walk and were shocked at how DEAD the city was. It was seriously like a ghost town...
Closed Subways
Empty Streets
Even Times Square was literally empty
I wonder when was the last time the city that never sleeps was so quiet.

Here's what it looked like during the storm:

And here are some 'after' pics:

It even turned out to be a beautiful day!

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