Friday, August 26, 2011

hurricane madness!!!

Earlier this week we experienced an earthquake (at least that's what I'm told...didn't feel a thing), and now we are being threatened by a hurricane.
If I had known there would be this much excitement on the east coast I definitely would have moved here sooner.
This city is going crazy!
People are running around with all of their precious belongings, the subways are shutting down tomorrow at noon, and all sporting events and Broadway shows have been cancelled.
I don't think this has ever happened before.
Our little neighborhood in Manhattan is right near the Hudson River so a mandatory evacuation is in place.
We don't want to be
those people who ignore the evacuation and then die and then other people in the future use us as examples of what not to do during natural disasters.
But we are kinda bugged that we have to leave.
Some of our friends have offered us their apartment in midtown so we are planning to spend the rest of the weekend inside with our 72 hour kits in hand, ready for anything!
At least we'll have a good view of the storm, right?
Come on, Eileen!
I mean, Irene....


  1. can i come and stay in that little home with you. that is freaking adorable. stay safe out there. love you!