Monday, August 22, 2011

our royal wedding?

I couldn't help but notice all of the hype this week surrounding Kim Kardashian's wedding.
People were calling it the 'Royal Wedding of the U.S.'
K, that's super embarrassing for us.
But in all honesty I
was anxious to see the wedding pics just to see if it lived up to expectations.
And then I saw THIS:

And I was like WOW
Why did you choose to put those weird jewels on your forehead?
And it made me think of THIS:

Do you remember that movie? The Never Ending Story?
Maybe THIS will jog your memory:

Hey Kim K...
You BLEW it.


  1. hahahaha sj... i literally just laughed out loud. WOW

  2. oh my gosh im peeing in my pants reading this because I was dying when i saw her "tiara". I hate it