Friday, August 19, 2011

the mom and sister visit

Lucky for me my Mom and Sister came to visit us this past week!
I haven't seen them since May...I believe this is the longest time I have been away from them.
I have been looking forward to their arrival for weeks and now that they are gone I have nothing to keep me going and my life doesn't feel worth living.
Jk I'm not THAT upset but I do miss them : )
Here's what we did:

Shopped. Like a lot. We considered it our service towards stimulating the economy.

Ran. We ate so much good food that we forced ourselves to workout every morning. BTW...if you ever consider going for a run around Central Park BEWARE! The ginormous hills nearly killed me. Who knew?

Brooklyn Bridged. My favorite thing to do in the city is eat pizza at the famous Grimaldi's in bklyn and then walk across the bridge at night. So we did it. And my friend came with us.

Went to a Broadway Show. We saw 'How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying' staring Daniel Radcliffe. I'm not a Harry Potter fanatic but it was still cool to be in the same room with such a huge star. The play was fantastic and I highly recommend.

Other highlights from the visit include mom walking around with her shirt completely unbuttoned for who knows how long until I noticed and
mom walking around barefoot (gross!) because her new Kate Spade shoes gave her blisters.

COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You saw Daniel Radcliffe!?!? So cool! You have like the best life ever :)

  2. HAHA. ill never forget those mom moments. lylas.

  3. That sounds like you guys had so much fun! I agree with Paige, your life sounds like a blast! I am glad they were able to visit, now I just need to talk John into letting me visit or us coming together. We move into our house Tuesday and things will settle down, then I can start bugging him. Glad you are doing well.

  4. so much fun! how did i miss this post? I saw the ones before and the ones after but somehow missed this one. google reader failed me. thanks for including me in dinner. Your mom and sister are so cool. glad i could meet them. glad you serviced the economy too. you gotta do what you gotta do. your Brooklyn bridge pic turned out much better than mine. mine is unpostable. sad.