Monday, May 30, 2011


In preparation for our cross-country move which is taking place THIS week, we decided to have a yard sale and sell basically everything we own.
Since we are driving, we won't have room for all of our stuff in our car.
We don't want to rent a moving van bc our stuff isn't really worth it, so we just decided to sell it all and replace it when we get to New York!

Here are some of the random household items we sold

First off, let me just tell you that yard sale people are caraaazyyyyy!!!
Like, the sale was advertised to start at 8am and we literally had people at our house at 6:45 digging through our stuff.
We were nervous that no one would come but we were very wrong.
At one point I had a line of people waiting for me to price their items!
The bargaining was the most frustrating part.
Like, people would come up to me with a pile of stuff and be like, "how much for all this?"
And I'd be like...."Um 5 bucks?"
And they would LAUGH at me, roll their eyes, and look at me like I was a huge idiot.
So then I'd say, "ok 3?"
Still with the laughing and scoffing.
"ok...1 dollar?"
ONE dollar??????? REALLLY??!!?
Why am I even having a yard sale? Why don't I just say "free stuff" and put it in my driveway?
The coolest thing that happened was when one of my neighbors came to look through the clothes. She picked up an old wedding dress I had bought at a thrift store for a costume party.

I don't know what's going on in this pic

After staring at the dress for a couple minutes she realized it was HER wedding dress!

She had given it to a different thrift store like, 20 years ago and somehow it ended up in my yard sale. Crazy coincidence.

Another funny thing happened when a girl walked up to the house with her guitar and asked if she could play at the yard sale.
Live entertainment? SURE, WHY NOT!

Best yard sale everrr.

By the time noon came around we were pretty pooped.

Here's Ty lying on the cement.

In the end it was worth it bc we made almost a $1000 bucks and got rid of a lot of old stuff!
I am weird and get attached to "stuff" so it was kind of hard for me to see things go...even stuff like old towels and used notebooks.
But it actually felt nice to purge my closet and house and just get down to the things we need.
Try it.


  1. This is the funniest thing I have ever heard! I can't believe that dress was hers! I am so glad you took a picture of it. So did it end up selling or what? I am sad i missed this wonderful event.

  2. I just realized something and I am deeply saddened... You are sold the green bear! Yes I saw it in the picture of Tyler

  3. I am sad that we haven't hung out and now you guys are moving. But if you ever need a vacation we will be in Florida and we would love you guys to come down and visit us. Also, the girl who came to play at your yard sale also came to out neighbors yard sale and asked to play as well. That is funny.
    By the way, I love every post you do.