Tuesday, May 17, 2011

April showers bring this...

It has been pretty gloomy here in Provo for the past MONTH.
It seems to have rained almost every day.
I thought the showers would end with April, but alas, here we are half way through May.
About the ONLY good thing this rain has brought is some pretty amazing flowers and greenery that make me feel like I'm in....not Utah.
My Grandma Doris definitely has a green thumb, a trait I most certainly did not inherit.
She is out in the garden almost every day pruning, plucking, and planting.
And she's 83.
When I'm her age I definitely intend to just sit around.

These Tree Peonies in the front yard are like the size of my face.

I really wanted peonies at my wedding, but they are out of season in August : (

Lilacs are especially pretty right now and smell great too!

I really like these hangy ones...don't know what they're called

Here's some cute lil yellow ones

And yes, she has tulips too.
Happy Tuesday friends!

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  1. Very pretty flowers, I adore peonies, they are just coming out here now :)