Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Brazilian Blowout

I have been wanting to do this hair treatment called the "Brazilian Blowout" for quite sometime now.
Especially bc we are moving to the east coast and the east coast equals humidity and humidity equals ugly, frizzy, hair that won't straighten.
So I researched online and found someone who would give me a good deal.
Let me just tell you...I LOVE IT!!!!!

This is not a dramatization. This is seriously what my hair looked like if I let it air dry. SAD. It wasn't straight, wasn't curly, and wasn't pretty. It was super frizzy and this is all multiplied by 100 in the humidity!!! I look like an 80s rocker.

My stylist straightened it, but this is pretty much what it looks like when it air dries now!!!!!! Such a time saver/life saver!!!!!

My hair has never been this straight. It behaves exactly like it did before so I can curl it with a curling iron if I want and it'll look the same sans the frizz.
I always envied those people who could just let their hair air dry and have it look all perfect. So annoying.
But thanks to the BB, I am now that person : )
Bring it on humidity...bring it on.


  1. Amazing!! Looks so great I get the Japanese reconditioning done and can't imagine life without it u have such beautiful hair

    So my white pants are from alloy and they r so cheap they have like 4 different inseams to choose from too . We have been in and out of ut so I hate we haven't been able to c u. But let's b in touch. I will let u know where we r headed as soon as Andrew finalizes things when do y'all move and he start?

  2. No flippin' way! Your hair looks so(oooooo!!!!!) pretty!

    I walk past a salon every day on my walks with Fox and they advertise Brazilian Blowouts on their front window. I always wondered what it was and now I know! Since I have curly hair, would my hair still curl if I put gel in it?

  3. looks good!! did michelle do it for u?

  4. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! You were beautiful before! And this is stunning!!

  5. SJ it looks gorgeous!!! I love how shiny & healthy it looks :) jealous!

  6. whaat? i've never heard of this, but this is amazing!!! i need to invest! so pretty!