Sunday, July 1, 2012

Utah Shower

My mom and sister started planning this baby shower for me just about as soon as they found out I was pregnant. 
I have been so excited to come home to Utah to celebrate with my friends and fam.
The theme was "Ready to Pop"  and they had the place decked out with cake pops, soda pop, popcorn, and balloons.
I wonder what Baby Baldwin thinks of all this attention she is already getting...

Photos taken by the lovely Cate Williams


  1. I finally convinced myself to toss the empty popcorn jar last night. It sat on my desk, empty, since Wednesday night. Sometimes I liked to just look at it and remember the good five minutes we shared as I devoured its contents.

  2. It looks like the most perfect baby shower ever! I'm so excited for you!

  3. you look incredible, sara jayne!! SUCH a cute shower they threw for you! xo

  4. This shower looks darling! I am so excited for you. Plus I LOVED your running post, it made me laugh especially about the old lady wearing keds and khakis.