Wednesday, July 25, 2012

32 Weeks

I am now 32 weeks pregnant (32 out of 40 for all my childless friends out there : )
I'm at the stage where people are saying things like "Wow you still have 2 months to go?!" (referring to my large belly).
Other people say "It's going by fast!  She'll be here before you know it!"
To me time is going by SOOO SLOWLY!!!!!!!!
No matter how busy I am, every day seems like a week.
It is like looking forward to the biggest Christmas/birthday/wedding/vacation ever.
This baby is the only thing on my mind all day every day.

22 weeks, 32 weeks
26 weeks, 32 weeks
32 weeks
It's funny because I remember when I was 22 weeks I felt HUGE.
It's weird to be fat.
No offense to you if you are fat.
It's just strange to have to worry about squeezing into a booth at a restaurant.
Or sweating profusely after going up 1/2 flight of stairs.
Or having my belly knock things over without me knowing.
I am doing my best to enjoy this time being pregnant because I know my life is going to change dramatically in approximately 7 weeks and 3 days.
If you need me I'll be inside somewhere, sitting on an air conditioning unit.


  1. You look so cute, no worries about the weird comments! And I was just dying reading this. You always crack me up! Good luck with everything coming up!

  2. Hahaha oh my goodness! You crack me up... "No offense if you are fat!" Haha you're so cute! Can't wait to meet that little girl. I'm guessing it'll be sooner than 7 weeks ;) Love you SJ!

  3. Pregnancy was the longest 9 months of my life. I don't understand people who say it's going by so fast! And I never adjusted to "being fat," I was always bumping into people and things and having to remind myself I can't just slide behind people anymore.

  4. "Or sweating profusely after going up 1/2 flight of stairs." - so true. I take two showers a day now cuz I sweat so much.

    You look so beautiful! I hope our babies get to play together sooner rather than later. When are you going to Utah next?

  5. Sounds like a perfect delivery to me. I NEVER got an epidural. With Katy it was laughing gas, with Cis they put me out with ether and I missed the whole show. With Carolyn she was coming along so fast they gave me a saddle block and told me not to raise my head for 24 hours. I don't think there is such a thing as a "normal" delivery. Jane is beautiful!!! In one photo she looks like me, the one with the big double chin! Go get that perfect baby dress while your mom is there. I wish we could come to the blessing. Love you! G'ma

  6. No offense to you if youre fat. hahahaha love you! you look awesome! not fat at all!

  7. You are so cute!! Hope all is well for you and Tyler!

  8. You are so dang cute. And I laughed out loud when you said no offense if you are fat. I am so excited for you!!