Friday, August 31, 2012

NYC Shower

Three of my wonderful friends threw me the most adorable baby shower last week.
It has been fun to look forward to this shower throughout my pregnancy and now that it's over I feel like baby could really come at any time.
(Even though I technically have 2 weeks left...)
Mary Martha, Erica, and Whitney spent so much time and effort putting together this amazing party which had a 'Mommy to Bee' theme.
Whitney even bussed all the way up to NY from MD to help out.
Whit=good friend.
My mom also made the trek from Utah to join in on the fun.
They did such a good job and I was thrilled with how it turned out and how many people came bearing gifts for Baby Baldwin : )

Yes that is a beehive made of donut holes!!! I thought this was a nice touch considering Baby's Utah roots : )

The food was all honey themed...honey butter, honeycomb, and honey parfaits!

My mom with two of the party-throwers Erica and Whitney

The whole gang

5 preggos at one party! Quite the sight to see!
Thanks friends!
Baby--You can come now!
Gotta give photo cred to Mary martha...I was having so much fun I didn't snap one pic. Thanks MM!


  1. you weren't lying. . .you're huuuuuuge!! jk:) everything looks so cute-the shower and you! lylas

  2. Fun! you are adorable and I can't WAIT to meet baby baldwin!

  3. you look adorable!!!!
    you need to take more pictures of you and your cute belly!
    can't wait to see pictures of baby b!