Monday, June 4, 2012


I've been doing my best to stay active whilst pregnant.
I notice I feel entirely better for the rest of the day if I've done some kind of exercise in the morning.
My doctors gave me the go-ahead so now I feel like I have to, since I have no medical reason not to.
Even though it is sometimes hard to get out of bed and do it, I generally do every day.
I have been "running" outside now that the weather is shaping up here.
Well, I used to call it running.
I guess I've been officially demoted to jogging.
As I get bigger this is becoming more complicated.
I used to never have to stop for bathroom I stop twice each time I'm out thanks to my new peanut-sized bladder.
I've never been an amazing runner but I used to be able to hold a pretty good pace.
I enjoyed getting outside on the trail with the hoards of New York runners and seeing how I matched up against them...secretely trying to pass and beat people along my way.
It was a little game I liked to play.
Now those games are but a distant memory.
When I run I feel like a contestant on 'The Biggest Loser' trying to finish the marathon at the end of the season.
A few days ago a grandma wearing Ked's and khaki shorts passed me with her poodle.
Ty was nice enough to come out with me once last week when we were in Florida.
He hasn't run one step for more than two years.
He was maybe a little surprised at my slowness, and didn't quite understand what about "running" was still enjoyable to me, since he was basically walking along side me.
I told him I was determined to keep this up until I can't anymore, and he was supportive.
He even threw in a few "Good job babe!"s and "We're almost there!"s just to twist the knife.
But hey, I'm not complaining.
Well kind of I am.


  1. Haha you are too cute! Dying to see you in just a few short weeks! WOO!

  2. I've already been demoted to walking... it makes for less pee breaks and I can go for longer than attempting the jog.

  3. ha, you are too funny. i feel like eric does that to me now and i don't even have an excuse. oh well... ;)

  4. Good for you that you're even trying to exercise! I just gain tons of weight and say to myself, I'll just work it off once she's born :)