Wednesday, May 16, 2012

husband and baby

Remember this guy?
He hasn't made an appearance on the blog in quite some time.
So in case you were wondering -- yes, we are still married : )
On Mother's Day we went on a walk along the Hudson River Parkway and snapped a photo.
It was a nice evening in the city now that the weather is getting warmer.
Also, I found this "Project Baby" shirt through a friend of a friend's blog...
Good idea right?
Maybe you can't tell but the numbers represent every week of pregnancy and it comes with a red fabric pen to cross the weeks off as you go.
I wish I had started at the very beginning of my pregnancy!
The shirt itself is really comfy and I've been tempted to wear it out but that would be super weird.
My favorite part is that after you have the baby you can send the shirt back to the girl who makes them and she'll turn it into a lil onsie for your babe.


  1. you're adorable. period. love the shirt too! xo

  2. friend of a friend! i love this, emmy is doing it too...kinda. her sis is amazing huh? love you see you in less then a week!

  3. oh, i've seen this shirt around the blogosphere! too perfect!!!! most precious baby bump!

  4. you are the cutest!! Im so glad i found your blog! You look adorable prego:) so happy for you!

  5. My friend gave me a shirt like that & I loved crossing off the weeks but somehow I never took a picture wearing it. Ha! You look great. So excited for you guys!

  6. That is adorable... I want one! Where did you order it? Hope everything is going well... and you're surviving your hubby's hours. xo

  7. please blog more. i love it when you do :)