Thursday, May 10, 2012

Home Part 2

Being home made me realize that Salt Lake City, Utah's coolness level has risen dramatically since I moved away a year ago.
Not sure if it got cooler BECAUSE I moved away or what...
But this new mall they have downtown is pretty amazing.
Even though I live in NYC (best shopping, duh) I think I prefer the mall/food court/restaurant set up, and this new mall does not disappoint in any of those areas.
I guess I will always be a mall rat at heart.

During my stay at home the baby bump at least doubled in size! (Perhaps it's just the box of Krispy Cremes I devoured?)
Ty could hardly believe his eyes when I walked in the door after not seeing me for almost 3 weeks.
I can feel baby girl moving around a lot and it definitely makes this whole thing more real (and alien-like).

I was able to spend a lot of time with family during my stay in Utah and even got some baby-holding practice with new baby Carter. My nephew Tanner is adorable, btw. 

It was sad to leave Utah but I am happy to be back in the big city : )

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  1. Love these pictures! So glad you could visit! It will be fun to see you in the summer as well. You look so great and the kids really enjoyed having you!