Sunday, February 20, 2011

birthday FUN

This is my two year old son riding on a special pretend pony for his birthday.

jk that's my husband.
We went out on his birthday to Texas Roadhouse with them.
(not to be confused with them)
Have you been there?
Every time we go I feel like the biggest idiot because we literally have to wait for 3 hours and there are approximately 500 other people waiting to be seated too.
The food is goodish...but seriously? 3 hours???
It is the busiest restaurant I have ever been to and every time we leave I think, "we are never going back."
But we end up eating there like twice a week even for special occasions like birthdays.
Anyway so Ty had a good birthday and it's weird because he seems really old and mature now.

1 comment:

  1. OMG your little boy is getting so big!

    On the first picture, I first thought he was wearing some sort of crown. It actually ended up being the light behind him. I prefer the idea of him wearing a birthday crown.